Solar Hot Water

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Did you know – Water heating accounts for around

25% of the energy consumption in the average Australian home?

Mother Nature has provided us with an abundant and renewable source of clean, free energy that you can utilise to heat your water and reduce your energy consumption….THE SUN.

Today, harnessing the sun’s immense power is easy and affordable using products like solar water heaters. With a Chromagen solar water heater you can literally soak in the warmth of the sun. They are highly efficient and environmentally-friendly water heaters that can provide up to 90% of your water heating needs. They will slash your consumption of greenhouse gas-producing fossil fuels and therefore your water heating bills.

Chromagen solar water heaters have over 50 years of history and are renowned world-wide for their quality and durability. Our wide range of solar water heaters features common ground mounted systems and traditional roof mounted systems, with options in tank size, thermal collectors & supplementary boosting.

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