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Braemar TH315 Heater

Price: $1,056.50
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The Braemar TH315 is great option for heating your entire home without breaking the bank. It provides great value for money and simple operation whilst not neglecting the need for a reliable central heating system that will continue to perform for years to come. The Braemar TH315 Features: 3.7 Star Energy Rating, 14kw Output,  Easy operation via Thermostat, Natural Gas – Available for Internal/ External Installation Value For Money If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to deliver warmth throughout your home look no further. This system provides all the features you need without breaking the bank with huge up-front costs. Easy to Operate A thermostat is installed in the main living area. This senses the air temperature inside the home and sends a signal to the heater to cycle on, or off, to maintain the desired temperature. Reliable and Long-Lasting with a reputation for product quality, Braemar heaters are engineered to offer you the most advanced, reliable ducted gas heating systems on the market.