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Braemar LCB450 Evaporative Cooler

Price: $1,798.55
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tick-icon Evaporative-Cooling Energy Efficiency

With soaring power prices, purchasing energy efficient products is becoming a key concern for all Australians. Choosing an energy efficient cooling system is no different. Fortunately your decision is made easy because evaporative air conditioning is, without doubt, the most energy and cost efficient way to cool your whole home. Evaporative cooling uses up to 80 percent less electricity than comparable refrigerated units.


tick-icon  Lower Running Cost Than Refridgerated Cooling

Braemar’s highly efficient system consumes less power than refrigerated units which means it will cost you less to run. Unlike these, a Braemar evaporative system won’t send your electricity bill skyrocketing every time you turn it on. Braemar evaporative systems also cost much less to install than most other ducted systems.


tick-icon Super Quiet

Braemar is renowned for its whisper quiet operation. The secret is Braemar’s state of the art, Stealth® fan that ensures a constant, even flow of air through the Chillcel pads. Delivering arguably the quietest axial air cooler available in the world.


tick-icon Simple Control & Operation

The Braemar Paradigm Series wall controller puts climate control at your fingertips. It’s so easy to use. You set the comfort level you want on the controller and the Braemar unit does the rest. You can choose from four different control modes to cool your entire home the way you want; Auto, Manual, Timer and Fan-only.